Senior Systems Engineer

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Thanks for coming! My name is James, and I live in  Vermont.  A long time ago, I attended  RPI  to study Computer Science and Systems Engineering. I've been up to a  lot  since then. Through the use of systems I've created, I've helped thousands of businesses, big and small, grow and create happy customers. How can I help you?

I am an open source loving, full stack developer and system designer. I've designed, architected, and built applications for both desktop and mobile. Ranging from video trancoding for the automobile footage industry, business and content management systems for the non-profit to the fashion industry, and even website systems for plumbers. My varied experince is an asset that brings helpful insights to tough situations. I can help you tackle your technical problems, because I probably have before.

I excel at cleaning up other peoples messes, and hitting deadlines. Third party security tests have been unable to get past the security practices I use, time and time again. If you need it on time, scalable, and secure, I can come through for you.

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