When Workers Control the Code | WIRED

4/25/2019 |  4742
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“In practice, that means more money goes to the people who actually put in the elbow grease. When customers use Up & Go to hire a house cleaner, only 5 percent goes to the app (3 percent for transaction costs and a wee 2 percent for business costs like running Up & Go’s servers and development). There’s no venture capitalist demanding hockey-stick growth or profits. ‘Investors are nowhere at the table,’ says Danny Spitzberg, who worked for a year and a half at CoLab, a digital agency, on Up & Go. The house cleaners make an average $22.25 per hour, about $5 more than the area average.” -- “Could we see more of these worker-run efforts? Indeed. Stocksy is a high-quality stock photography cooperative run by its members, offering such high pay to photographers that ‘‘pinch me’ is the thing that comes to mind,’ laughs Suzanne Clements, a Florida member.”

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