Bosch Integrated Managment System

The system I made here was meant to integrate all of Bosch's HVAC brands into one cohesive marketing, warranty claim, and registration system. The hope was that combining all aspects of the business under one web based tool, they could greatly improve how their business would work. In practice, they had trouble internally getting users to adopt new technologies, mostly in the sales department, and ultimate a downsizing after too much growth hurt the relationship I had worked to create after I left the organization.

A dealer/installer had their registrations, customer feedback and warranty claims tracked and accessible to all Bosch personal. Certain actions within the system would trigger action items for Bosch's employees to checkoff depending on geographic location, with the hope to weed out bad installers of their products. Different promotional tools were adopted. Tens of thousands of plumbers were registered and logged in at least once to the tools I created. Training events were used to register new installers and a scheduling solution with credit card processing was also used heavily.