Content... Content everywhere

This was the fist redesign project I was involved with at NGA. I managed and updated most parts of this website, including retiring bits of it.

The site is a beast, hard to follow, and had a too many cooks working on it over to long. But, boy, does it ever have some content. And it's been around for ever, so it has some SEO chops.

I set up the secure payment system for garden research purchases. In addition, I helped set up the ad server that runs the sidebars and helped out with the layout as best I could.

I also worked with the article writers to create new content systems and displays. There was a lengthy and error prone process required to be run on a bi-weekly basis that I automated into a single button.

I was in charge of general IT support for the organization at the time too. This involved troubleshooting hardware, and maintaing a dozen plus computers used by all members of the orginazation. It helped me learn how to address peoples concern and see through what I'm being told to the technical problem at hand.