Secure CRM system for HVAC Manufacturers

Created Custom CRM system specialized for HVAC manufactures. It was designed to increase contractor loyalty, and help the manufacturer ensure that customers could find and have qualified service using several means of follow up contacts.

It had the following features:

  • Secure user creation and permissions based upon type(contractor, wholesaler, sales rep, manufactuer admin, warrenty claims, etc).
  • Shared company information across brands. Ex: same company contact information is shared and updated across sites and systems.
  • Lead distribution and employee follow up system based on company region.
  • Inteligent actions and notifications based upon real time user input. Ex: an action by a contractor(such as registering a unit) creates a item for a sales rep to review and close.
  • Automated marketing resposnes to events and actions.
  • Promotion tracking, product registration/validation, invoicing and fulfillment.
  • Training events scheduling, advertisement(email/webpage) system with regional display controls.
  • Customer facing search to find qualified contractors based on aggregate rating and distance.
  • Region based administrative notification and follow up tracking. Know your customer is getting what they want.