Browser Based Speak and Spell

Try it ChromeBrowser recomended. Or if you really know what you are doing with IE, Firefox, or Safari ...

I had always wanted to use Angular.js in a project, but could never find a client that wanted it. I finally found some free time in between contracts and this is what came out in about 8 hours of work.

I must say, I love Angular now. It's amazing. I'm just not sure it would work well when you huting for SEO... I'll need to test more.

As soon as I had the tuorial up and running, my code output kept excellerating. My code is easy to follow and I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished in such a short period.

Using the new speech synthesais api available in newer browsers really made this application shine. I didn't discover this until last hour or so of development, but I had made it so it was easy to switch. I started with mespeak.js, but it was hard to understand, and no ammount of tweaking fixed that.