CMS System For Non-Profit Education Site

There have been a couple of theme switches, but the drupal backend I set up is still running strong. Born out of necessity, this was was my first major website reworking project that I was fully in charge of. There was a vulnerable server that I had put mod_security in front of that ran a old web programming language called Tango.

The company that made Tango no longer existed! No one knew how it worked, and basically there was an ftp that people kept manually uploading html files to. The template varied greatly, and badly formated html was the norm.

Drupal was finally chosen as the right platform to move the site to. We went through several design iterations as I ran meetings with the designer and the other stakeholders at the organization.

Tasked with moving all the content to a Drupal based CMS system I created, I trained and managed several temp workers who copied and pasted assets from the site into Drupal's cms system. Some time later we had all the content over and the site is now the flagship of the organization.