Ultimate SVN add

I like to keep everything backed up with version control because it makes everything easier in the long run. I frequently run into problems with other people screwing up svn and I get stuck fixing what is going on when the cron jobs break that automagically back stuff up. After some research and combinging others efforts I came to this command that adds everything not currently added to svn. It also deals with spaces in the file names.

svn status | awk '/\?/' | sed 's/\? *//g' | sed 's/ /\\ /g' | xargs svn add

Here's the breakdown of what is going on

svn status

output the status of files in the current folder, if you don't understand this part, you probably shouldn't go any futher :)

awk '/\?/'

find all lines that have a ?, aka they have not been added to svn yet

sed 's/\? *//g'

further strip down the line to remove the ? mark, leaving the path only

sed 's/ /\ /g'

convert spaces in path to one that is escaped.

xargs svn add

take each line and pass them as the last argument to svn add